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Stay-in Retreats

  • Individual Silent retreats:
    Pilgrims on silent retreat will be given a single en-suite room that has sufficient space for quiet meditation. Pilgrims also have full access to the chapel and other prayer spaces within SDSC. Meals are provided as follows: Breakfast (dry provisions), Lunch, Dinner. Check-in is at 10am on the first day and check-out is at 12pm on the last day.
    Unguided: $100 per night (with meals) / $80 per night (without meals)
    Guided: $110 per night (with meals) / $90 per night (without meals)

  • Preached weekend retreats:
    Preached weekend retreats begin on a Friday (7pm) and end on a Sunday (4pm).
    $300 per weekend retreat

  • Other preached retreats:
    $120 per night + subject to incurred cost for preacher

Day Retreats

  • Half-Day of Recollection:
    Either 9am-1pm (incl lunch) or 3-7pm (incl dinner)
    $50 per person [up to 40 pax]

  • Full Day of Recollection:
    9am- 6pm incl lunch and tea
    $100 per person [up to 40 pax]

  • Bite-Size Franciscan Day of Reflection:
    Suitable for groups, ministries looking for Franciscan input and reflection, 9am- 6pm incl lunch and tea.
    $100 per person [up to 40 pax]

Formation Talks and Programmes

  • God’s Extravagant Love (GEL)
    Stay out Fri (7pm) till Sat (4pm)
    $80 per person

  • Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint
    5 weeks, 2hrs each week includes discussion and light tea
    $100 per person

  • Poverello Night:
    7:30pm- 9:30pm
    $30 per person per session

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