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‘Ongoing Conversion.’

That is how St Francis sees his life, or rather, that was how life became for him.  That every moment is an opening to a deeper sense of self and in the process, God; or is it the other way round?  Whatever precedes first, it is a road that we need to courageoursly embark on and tell ourselves that we can take this road, and that the Lord is with us, and at the end of this section of the road, we become convinced that the Lord was indeed with us… until we embark on another section of the road.  Our lives are full of these journeys and crossroads and oftentimes, we haven’t the time nor space nor disposition to see where we are going, where we have come from, or even where we are right now.  Come spend a weekend away on the Road to Assisi, with Francis.  And then to keep walking, not always having the answers or the direction, but at least we dare to keep taking the next step, knowing where it will finally take us.

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